Sleeper Mattress Options

Paladin offers two sleeper mattress options; An Innerspring Mattress and the Air DreamTM Ultra Sofa Sleeper System.

Innerspring Mattress (Available with ALL Paladin Sleepers)

Paladin uses a 5-inch premium Innerspring Mattress. Constructed to our specifications by a custom seating and mattress manufacturer to exceed that of the National Brands! The following are the specifications of the mattress.

  • OVEN TEMPERED COIL INNERSPRING UNIT: 299 coils in a queen size mattress, 253 in a full. Oven tempering ensures the spring unit will maintain its shape and height even after being folded and unfolded in the mechanism.
  • NON-ALLERGENIC, MILDEW PROOF, ODOR FREE insulator padding on top and bottom. This also eliminates spring feel and improves firmness.
  • 5/8” THICK POLYURETHANE PADDING on sleep surface. 50% heavier than average. This ensures a comfortable sleep surface for years to come.
  • QUILTED TOP AND SIDES. Other manufactures often offer plain or stitched side panels. Our quilted sides are the same as those used on premium residential bedding.
  • HEAVY DUTY BOTTOM CLOTH. This aids in eliminating chaffing or rubbing where exposed metal parts meet the mattress.
  • LACE TUFTING ties all components together and eliminates shifting of padding when mattress is frequently folded and unfolded.
  • PADDED CORNERS for added firmness.

Innerspring Mattress Mechanism

All of our standard sleepers use Hickory Spring’s “Over Nighter” mechanism. This is the best mechanism produced by Hickory Springs. Performance tested thousands of times to ensure superior dependability!
  • ONE-PIECE CROSSOVER LEG TUBE – provides extra durability and stability when the unit is open and is contoured to protect the consumer when opening.
  • SEMI-TUBULAR HEAVY GAUGE STEEL PERIMETER – provides added durability.
  • 12 GAUGE GALVANIZED HELICAL SPRINGS – provides additional support and durability to polypropylene seating and sleeping deck. Also, eliminate stretched helicals, which are common on residential units.
  • HEADLOCKTM LOCKING TV HEADREST SYSTEM – prevents bed from being closed with raised headrest.
  • NEWLY REDESIGNED SYNCHRONIZED PIVOTAL ACTION HINGE – allows for smoother operation, and eliminates sliding parts, which could damage bedding. Also allows for maximum clearance of upholstered arms while folding or unfolding.
  • NYLON WASHERS IN CRITICAL RIVET JOINTS – reduce wear and ensure easy operation.
  • ONE-PIECE FRONT LEG SYSTEM – ensures a consistent seat pitch from side to side.
  • POSITIVE LOCKING LEG TUBE – allows the unit to be opened easily from either side of the mechanism.
  • SOFA TILT-FORWARD FEATURE – allows for easy cleaning under the sofa.

Air DreamTM Ultra Premium Air Mattress

The air mattress option is only available in the Paladin’s Custom Choices Collection. The Air DreamTM Ultra is a Sofa Sleeper System offering Air over Coil Technology.
  • The Air DreamTM Ultra’s core comfort element has been reinforced and improved to provide the maximum in luxurious sleeping and rugged durability.
  • INCREASED COMFORT – a plush 11″ height offers the same plush dimensions and luxury feel as a premium mattress.
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY combines spring coil support with a cushioning layer of air.
  • Air-cushion layer adjusts from PLUSH FIRM to SUPPORTIVE SOFT FEEL.
  • Separated air chambers distribute body weight evenly for ideal ergonomic support.
  • EASE OF OPERATION – embedded inflation/deflation mechanism makes operation one-touch simple with the easy-to-use hand wand. Inflates in less than a minute and deflates even faster for quick storage.
  • IMPROVED DURABILITY – Ideal for hospitality settings with a heavier, ruggedly constructed air chamber. Resilient, tempered Bonnell low coils provide lasting buoyancy and support. Accommodates standard sheets.
  • Available in TWIN, FULL and QUEEN size.
  • TWICE THE THICKNESS – when compared to a standard sleeper mattress.

Air over Coil Technology

Twice the Thickness compared to a standard sleeper mattress

Air Mattress Mechanism

Our Air DreamTM Ultra Premium air mattresses use Leggett & Platt’s MaxTM Series Residential Sleep Sofa System. Its engineered low-profile linkage keeps all metal parts below the mattress line, while being the easiest to operate in the industry.
  • DOUBLE-LOCKING TV HEADREST – provides added comfort by raising the upper body.
  • CONTOURED SEAT SECTION – offers wider seating area by allowing seating close to the arm.
  • BODY SUPPORT TUBES – enhance support in the body section to eliminate sagging.
  • Pro-DeckTM two ply ballistic decking material enhances durability and visual appearance.
  • OPTIONAL SEAT-SUPPORT WIRES – provide support while sleeping adding durability to the unit.
  • DUAL ONE-PIECE ROUND TUBULAR LEGS – provide enhanced stability and strength allowing the unit to be operated from the center or side position.
  • ANTI-TILT – a necessary safety feature, keeping the unit in contact with the floor at all times in the open position.


  • At the core of the memory foam mattress is 3-1/8” Polyurethane Foam and topped with a 1-inch Viscoelastic Memory Foam
  • Topped Quilted Onion pattern with ½ oz Polyester/Rayon and ½” of gel polyurethane foam for comfort
  • Heavy-duty bottom cloth

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