Downton Mineral

Fabric Grade: 100

Material Type: 100% POLYPROPYLENE

Cleaning Code: P2-3 (Revolution fabric with a 3 year warranty) - Revolution fabric can be cleaned with almost any household cleaner even a bleach mixture. Stains can be blotted and cleaned with a mixture of mild detergent and water. Whatever cleaning product you use, it is important to thoroughly rinse the fabric with clean water and allow the fabric to air dry. Revolution Performance Fabrics are made with Olefin yarns that are solution dyed by mixing pigments in the liquid polymer. The color becomes an integral component of the yarn. For more information go to

Additional Notes: REPEAT V2.00 X H2.00

Fabric Grades are subject to change. Please contact customer service to verify a particular fabric grade.

Plain, Grey/Charcoal, Performance fabrics