Chrom Jumper Stone

Fabric Grade: 240

Material Type: 82.32% Rayon, 16.02% Poly, 1.66% Nylon

Cleaning Code: P3-2 (Crypton fabric with a 2 year warranty) - Crypton Home Fabric offers a complete, engineered performance fabric system *Stain Resistance *Stain Release *Odor Resistance *Moisture Resistance *Strong & Durable *Lasts the Life of the Fabric - Cleaning Instructions Blot any excess liquid. Mix together a simple soap and water solution. Blot with a clean towel and rinse. Allow fabric to air dry. Visit for more information.

Additional Notes: VRepeat: 0..18 HRepeat: 2.87

Fabric Grades are subject to change. Please contact customer service to verify a particular fabric grade.