Streamlined silhouettes scaled to enhance any space, available in two depths, 3 arm styles, five base treatments and sleek 4” wide arms

Choose 38” or 40” depth frames with Rolled, Padded or English Arms, with or without wing returns, select box, button box or knife edge back cushions and customize with base selections including Skirted, Upholstered base, Round Tapered Legs, Turned Legs or Square Tapered Legs

F240ARB7C1-84 chair

F140ZTB6C3-88 sofa

Step 1: Leather or Fabric

Leather (L)
Fabric (F)

Step 2: Top Stitch or Welt

(1) Top Stitch (no welt)
(2) Welt

Step 3: Choose an Arm Style

(AP) Pad Arm

(AT) Track Arm

(AK) Key Arm

(AR) Roll Arm

(ZP) Sweep Pad *top only

(ZT) Sweep Track

(ZK) Sweep Key

(ZR) Sweep Roll

(XP) Padded Arm

(XR) Notch Roll Arm

(XE) English Arm

Step 4: Choose a Base

(B1) Skirted
*not available in leather
(B2) Upholstered Base
(B6) Round Taper
(B4) Turned Leg
(B7) Square Taper

Step 5: Choose a Back Cushion

(C1) Box Cushion
(C2) Knife Edge Cushion
(C3) Button Box Cushion

Step 6: Choose a Piece or Design a Sectional

Individual Pieces

(93) long sofa
(4 seats)
(88) medium sofa
(3 seats)
(91) apartment sofa
(2 seats)
(23) swivel chair
(84) chair

(19) chair & 1/2

(29) chair & 1/2 sleeper

(09) chaise

(80) matching ottoman

Sectional Pieces