Furniture Care Instructions

Paladin Furniture is benchmade to provide refined comfort and durability. We recommend the following care of your Paladin Upholstery to insure longevity:

  • Protect your upholstery from fading & discoloring by avoiding placement of your fabric or leather furniture in direct sunlight and close proximity to a heat source to
  • Frequent vacuuming of your fabric upholstery is recommended to prevent dust and other particles from embedding in the fibers. For leather upholstery, use only the soft brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner.
  • “Relaxation lines” in fabric covers are a natural result of use as your new seating adapts to daily use.  Regular fluffing and rotation of cushions will provide the greatest lifespan of them and will prevent migration of the filling to maximize comfort and minimize wrinkles.
  • Fabric care and cleaning should be performed based upon the fabric’s cleaning code. The cleaning code and cleaning instructions can be found on our website: in the Design Resources/Fabric and Leather tab.
  • All cleaning products and methods should be tested on an inconspicuous area before attempting overall cleaning. Paladin Furniture does not endorse any particular product or cleaning method for fabric. A professional upholstery cleaning service should be used whenever possible.
  • Leather Upholstery: Regular dusting or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment is recommended. Furniture polish, saddle soap, oils, varnishes, ammonia water, soaps or dusting agents should NOT be used. A lightly dampened cloth and a mild solution of non-detergent soap and water can be used for treating stains. Do not rub nor dab the stained area only. Allow to dry naturally, repeating as needed. Do not use ink pens, nail polish, nail polish remover or other harmful products near your leather furniture to avoid spills and avoid placing newspapers or magazines on the surface, as the inks may transfer onto the leather. Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight as it can cause fading.

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