Since our inception in 2002, our primary goal has been to offer domestically produced, long lasting high quality furniture. That goal both directly and indirectly, started us down the path to producing a more eco-friendly product.



By manufacturing a higher quality, long lasting piece of furniture, it helps relieve the landfills from the ever increasing burden of poorly constructed consumer products.

By producing our furniture domestically and close to the ultimate consumer, it helps reduce the high energy use and pollution from fossil fuels to transport finished product from half a world away. Where possible, our first choice is to always use domestically produced materials in the manufacturing of our furniture


Our all steel Comfort-Flex spring unit used in majority of our sofa and sectional groups is manufactured from 75% regenerated steel. Our Platinum Plush cushioning that debuted in our Eco-Urban category utilizes regenerated fiber that is 100% recycled polyester from post consumer products and feathers and down which are bi-products of the food industry. We offer eco-friendly fabrics that are made from natural fibers like cotton, linen, wool and hemp. We also offer fabrics that are predominately produced from regenerated fiber. All of the cartoning products we use to package our furniture are produced from over 76% recovered paper products and all are 100% recyclable.

Beyond the more eco-friendly furniture we currently produce, it is our continuing goal to search out new processes and materials to improve our environmental impact on the earth. We also integrate eco-friendly business practices in our offices and manufacturing facility from decreasing the amount of energy we consume to reducing the amount of waste we create. We utilize fluorescent lighting through out our facility and rely on computerization to help reduce paper waste. We also have a recycling program in place and encourage our employees to recycle at home.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact on the earth through the utilization of eco-friendly materials, technology, conservation and recycling.

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